Robotic Arm – Vocol

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It is a robot ARM used to represent Indian Sign Language and American Language.
The Android application is used to operate it.

  • Product weight: 184.8g
  • Product size: 165*90mm(6.5*3.54in)
  • Product material: ………


Interaction with the deaf and dumb people hasn’t really been agreeable over the years. Due to the impairment, there has always been a communication gap between people with disabilities and the ones sanctified. To overcome this hindrance, we have created a robotic arm which converts speech into sign language. Our invention is related to proficient usage of electronics and robotics. It enhances the conveyance of thoughts between the two, thereby ensuring equal participation of the impaired people into the society.

Attributes of Vocol:

1. MULTI LINGUAL : Tongue uses 83+ languages to communicate as it uses Google Speech-to-text API. We believe how important it is for a child to be aware and thorough with his/her mother tongue. Moreover, since India is an abode to so many languages and culture, we believe that learning in one’s native language makes education easier and more fun. This would even make it easier for teachers to teach and children to learn.

2. COST EFFICIENT :The advanced and foreign designs cost around 200 dollars. However, our design costs less than the existing models. The estimated cost is yet to be finalized due to change in the design. We believe that affordable cost can make the education reach every nook and corner of the country

3. USER FRIENDLY: Lingua comes with an android application. This application is easy to operate and does not require any pre-requisite. We are of the opinion that technology can be laborious for new users and so, the application should be as simple as possible. Not only is the application user friendly, but also the hardware product will be easy to operate and learn from.

4. STORAGE FACILITIES POSSIBLE : It becomes very tedious for teachers to speak the same course again and again. Moreover, many areas are not able to afford teachers due to lack of infrastructure and economy. This is where Lingua comes in. Lingua will have stored modules which can be played profusely by the buyer. Being a machine, there is more efficiency provided by it. Also, this would enable the guardians to play the modules at home and make understanding and learning easier for their children. For children who cannot go to school due to additional physical impairment, Lingua will serve as a teacher and a tutor promising the student that his/her disability will not deprive him/her of basic education or knowledge.

5. UNIVERSAL DESIGN : This is the most important and salient feature of Lingua. The existing models are designed to effectuate the needs of a particular sign language, like American Sign Language. Lingua contains two arms which makes it viable for all sign languages, most importantly, Indian Sign Language.


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